Importance Of Digital Marketing in 2024

In this digital era, Digital Marketing is second nature to everyone. Digital marketing is mainly used to attract potential customers for sales of the product or service provided. Various methods of digital marketing include SEO, email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, social media marketing, google ads etc…

Digital marketing helps to reach the target audience, unlike traditional marketing where ad ROI is low. Social media is one the biggest channels to imply digital marketing.

Social media marketing

Social media usage is peaking day by day. So, is the number of social media channels. Creating a social media account involves zero cost. Consistently posting content as per the norms of each social media itself helps the right audience to take relevant action as per the business.

Social media also provides paid advertising opportunities, which can be a game changer for the business if used efficiently.

In a study done in 2023, Facebook still stays at the top in regards to the number of users. Followed by YouTube, then WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on.

Social media can be used to build awareness, generate leads, sent traffic etc. These can be done organically as well as by paid method

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is another face of social media marketing. This involves using the influence of a celebrity or content creator to do brand awareness, generate leads, etc. This doesn’t come free. Most of the time celebrities charge a whopping amount for the promotion or shout-out they do.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

● Low investment and High ROI

Compared to traditional marketing investment for digital marketing is low. When focusing on organic social media growth, cost is negligible

● Target Audience

Digital marketing allows us to reach the right potential audience.

● Build relationships with potential customers

Building brand awareness, trust and engaging customers become audience possible with social media

● Lead generation

Targeted ads or campaigns can be run to get leads to scale business.

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